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Our Story

Saviour Consultants is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm specializing in residential, commercial, cultural, and office design.  


Our design approach is to blur the boundaries between disciplines by cross-pollinating architecture and interior design with art and lifestyle to create beautifully proportioned, meticulously detailed, well-executed spaces that will be loved and that will bring lasting value to the individuals they serve. 


Our key advantage is the firm’s diverse knowledge and experience in various building types and scales, and in all phases of project planning, development, and construction. From programming and feasibility to product design and branding (and everything in between), we adapt our process to match client’s expectations and individual needs. We are not committed to a specific style, but rather focus on the uniqueness and the distinctive qualities of each place. We believe the best design solutions work with the surrounding environment rather than against it, and we are committed to creation of sustainable and livable environments and buildings.


Our small hands-on team is comprised of highly talented professionals who offer creative solutions through a collaborative and client-centered approach. With over 25+ years of professional experience, we provided our services to a diverse group of clients locally and nationally.

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25+ Years of History

Saviour Consultants has been serving Northern India for 25+ years and understands the value of providing top-quality services to the community.



Saviour Consultants is here to guide customers and take on the pressure in a professional manner so that the homeowner can relax with confidence in their decisions!



Creativity here knows no bound , hence we do not evaluate the design time in terms of man-hours spent on the project. Architecture for us is a passion and not a business model.